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World Wide Health Services Adult Day Care Center young adult's with disability program focuses on young adults from the age of 18 & older that may suffer from any disability rather it is mental, intellectual, cognitive impairment, physical, and or any disability that would require an individual to need constant supervision, which respectfully puts them under the Long Term Care coverage criteria. The program itself allows young adults, to connect with their peers and benefit by being in a program with unique individuals just like themselves that they can relate to that provides them with peer social support and understanding that most don't have at home. 



The Program is based on a care category plan of daily IADL'S/ADL'S that focuses on the individual's weaknesses, strengths, and promotes independence. Each individual is assessed every 90 days or as needed and has a daily progress report to involve families and caretakers in his or her progress. 



The activities consist of computer-based, social group sessions activities, individual one-on-one support, small group settings, field trips, contracted health care services, contracted telemedicine provider consultations, resume building, and possible workforce introduction coming soon(pending). Again everything is based on an individual's needs. 


Young Adults With Disability Day Program

For Ages 18 & older






& meals

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