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World Wide Health Service Adult Day Care:COVID-19 Safety Procedures

World Wide Health Services Adult Day Care values the health and well-being of our members, staff, visitors, families, caretakers, and contracted service providers. We would like to inform everyone that we are closely monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) with the information made publicly available from The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and all other State of Florida and or Palm Beach County health care officials not mentioned. When it comes to the security, health, privacy, and the well-being of our clients, members, staff, participants, and visitors, World Wide Health Services takes that seriously. Please review below the precautionary measures we are taking to prevent any Coronavirus (COVID-19) in our facility and to ensure the safety and well-being of our staff, members, participants, and visitors. In addition, we have posted below signs and symptoms of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and what you can do to prevent it from spreading.

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World Wide Health Service Adult Day Care

Facility Emergency Recording Line: 561-228-4979

No facility access to the general public and to those we do not have medical records for.

World Wide Health Services Adult Day Care does not let any visitors into our facility without proper security clearance. Security clearance for visitors includes signing in, verifying who they are with valid identification and records under a video camera that is live in-house but has 24hour recording surveillance in another location.  As of March 2, 2020, we no longer allow tours of our facility. If you are a member, visitor, staff, or prospective member you will not be allowed to enter our facility if we do not have an updated copy of your health records stating that you do not have any Non-communicable diseases. All members must follow the new check-in protocol, by getting vitals checked before being allowed to enter the activity area with all other members. Mask and or Facial Coverings are required.

Prohibited Individuals

(Including Staff & Members)

If you are a staff or member and one or more of the following listed below pertains to you, we apologize in advance but you are not allowed to return to World Wide Health Services facility or offices until you are medically cleared by a local health care provider and at the approval of World Wide Health Services director and management.


  • Anyone who is infected with COVID-19 who has not had two consecutive negative test results separated by at least 14 days

    • Our center requires a 14-day test separation because studies have shown that some viruses, in general, can remain latent or dormant inside of the body for 1-2 weeks. No one really knows much about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and there’s no valid public information made available on if the virus can or cannot reactivate itself so we are taking these preventative measures.  


  • Anyone showing signs or symptoms of any type of respiratory infection


  • Anyone with a high temperature or fever

  • Anyone who has or may have been in close contact with a person infected with COVID-19 who has not tested negative is not allowed in our center or offices for 30 days from their interaction with the infected individual and must be cleared medically by an in-state provider and at the approval of World Wide Health Services director and management to be considered to return to our office and center.

  • Anyone who has traveled, via cruise ship, via plane internationally or through any airport located in a state and or community that is currently or have been reported exposed to or have a current community spread of COVID-19 virus is prohibited from coming into World Wide Health Services facility and offices until he or she is checked out and received medical clearance from an in-state health care provider and at the approval of World Wide Health Services director and management.

Stay Home If You Are Sick!

For any reason that any staff or a member is sick, you are required to stay home and seek medical attention. Our team will call to check up on you but you are required to stay home and not allowed to come back until we have a letter, physical, note, and or prescription stating that you have no non-communicable diseases and are safe to work or be allowed out in public. Please review the signs, symptoms, and prevention listed below.


Daily Cleaning and Disinfecting


Each morning, in between sessions, and at closing the following is done as a prevention:

Hand- Washing  


Hand washing is continuously done throughout the day and is a required break time activity in our program that is scheduled.


When members and staff come inside our facility hands must be washed, in between activities hands must be washed, prior and after eating hands must be washed, prior to and after using the restroom hands must be washed.


Our facility customized ADA sink(s) allows members easy access to washing his or her hands with little to no assistance.


 Alcohol hand sanitizer stations are also located on the wall of common areas for easy access.


We also know that when working with people that suffers a disability sometimes the mind can wonder by the time they reach the sink on actually knowing what to do, for this reason, we have placed proper hand-washing instruction signs near every sink in our facility to continuously promote proper hand-washing techniques while allowing members to move around in our center freely and independently remaining 6 feet away from another participant. 

Cleaning &Disinfecting  

   Walkers, canes, and wheelchairs are wiped down near the entrance door with either Clorox Health Care Bleach Germicidal Wipes, PDI San-Cloth Plus wipes, PDI Sani-Cloth bleach wipes, and or Lysol wipes.

 Facility hard surface areas such as tables, grab bars, toilets, countertops, doorknobs, door handles, activity equipment, supplies, and computers are wiped down with either Clorox Health Care Bleach Germicidal Wipes, PDI San-Cloth Plus wipes, PDI Sani-Cloth bleach wipes, and or Lysol wipes.

Hard surface wipe downs are usually done prior to members starting his or her session, in-between activities, prior and after each activity and meals, during a spill, after each scheduled session, during closing or as frequently as needed.

Floors are also bleached out and mopped when the facility is closed three times a week or every night if needed.


Microwave and refrigerators are cleaned daily with soap and water on the inside and wiped down with Lysol wipes on the outside. Cleaning for refrigerator and microwave are done as needed or daily after the closing of the facility.


The coffee maker is cleaned after each use.

Cleaning &Disinfecting  


All activity that is to be utilized that day is put in a separate color bin on the shelf to let staff know that these items were disinfected and ready to be utilized. After the use of that particular activity bin, everything used is then placed in a different color bin and sprayed down with Lysol(if extremely busy) to let staff know that the particular items in that color bin are required to be wiped down in addition to the Lysol spray. If for any reason blood or vomit gets on an item (which is extremely rare) it is discarded and never used again.

Each chair in our facility is sprayed down with Lysol prior and after each member. This is one reason why our facility does block scheduling and prefers to work in small group settings because it allows us to give each member our undivided attention and have block out periods just to clean and get ready for the next group.


Restrooms are sprayed down with bleach or wiped down with either Clorox Health Care Bleach Germicidal Wipes, PDI San-Cloth Plus wipes, PDI Sani-Cloth bleach wipes, and or Lysol wipes and deep cleaned during closing hours every day. All restrooms are ADA accessible with grab bars and more than enough space for walkers or wheelchairs, in the event that there’s an accident or that restroom can’t be cleaned right away, it will be locked to prevent further usage until it is properly cleaned. 


 Food, Snacks, Utensils, and Refreshments:


  • All snacks and refreshments are always individual packaged and once opened the member can either take the snacks home or throw it out.


  • Catered meals always come in individual containers, should we have any catered meal that does not come in individual package order(which is extremely rare), our food manager or certified food safety staff member will separate food accordingly utilizing proper health safety food precautions such as wearing proper food safety gloves, checking food temperature on arrival utilizing a food thermal gun that has no direct contact with food and anything else that is required according to training.


  • As of March 2, 2020, we no longer allow members to bring in food from home until further notice.


  • Beverages and refreshments are always individual use and are either transferred into a closed clear container if needed. All utensils and condiments are packaged for individual and one-time single use. There is no type of utensil washing in our facility everything is thrown out after it is either opened, touched or utilized.  


  • Members & Staff are required to continuously wash hands

Health Screening Safety Measures:


  • Temperature check during check-in is a requirement to be let into the activity area and around other participants in our facility.

  • Staff performing the temperature check is required to wear the required PPE gear such as gloves and continuously wash hands and record all vitals in secured member EHR file. Anyone sick will not be let into the facility.We love you but no, we will call you later.

  • Members temperatures taken orally at World Wide Health Services will now be taken with disposable single-use thermometers that are individually wrapped to prevent any cross-contamination or any spread of germs and bacteria. Should disposable single-use thermometer be unavailable the next of choice will be thermal body heat gun thermometer to avoid direct physical contact? In case either option becomes unavailable or ineffective for any reason staff is required to have thermometer orders that will be securely packaged for each individual member. For thermometers that are not disposable and that is not a single-use thermometer, the staff is required to wipe down each thermometer with alcohol wipes before and after each use, let dry and then add appropriate disposable probe covers to thermometer before allowing the member to insert orally. 















  • Staff performing the check is required to wear the required PPE gear such as gloves and continuously wash hands and record all vitals in secured member EHR file. 


  • Blood Pressure cuffs, cords, monitors and pulse oximeter must be wiped down before and after each use and let dry. Staff is only allowed to use the following wipes on the mentioned equipment: Alcohol wipes, Lysol wipes or PDI Sani-cloth Plus wipes.



  • Glucose testing equipment must be wiped down with following wipes: Alcohol wipes, Lysol wipes or PDI Sani-cloth Plus wipes. Each glucose strip that contains blood or needles must be dispensed accordingly in a red disposable bin.

  • **At this time World Wide Health Services does not have anyone who requires glucose testing**














  • Medication Assistance: all medication is required to be in a pharmacy drug container which must include a current label that has members name, date of birth, address, prescription, description of the drug, date ordered, directions, health care provider and quantity. Appropriate licensed trained staff is to assist the member in taking medication. Licensed staff must check the order in EHR, follow the five rules of medication administration (1. Right patient/person, 2. Right drug, 3. Right dose, 4. Right route and 5. Right time), the staff is required to use a single-use white disposable cup, assist the member by allowing the member to take the correct medication when due. Staff must record vitals before medication is given and one to two hours after the medication is provided. All medication is to be locked into medication safe, signature, date and time recorded by both member and authorized staff when medication is taken out. No medication is to be left in a facility overnight and is to be checked out during the dismissal of the member. World Wide Health Services require that all members that need any assistance with medication during the time of participation, only bring enough medication required for that date and time.


  • Staff is also provided easy access key chain kit that includes CPR mask in the event CPR is needed on hand protect themselves.

  • EHR system will triage all members that are currently in the facility and will alert staff during temperature check-in on members that have a high temperature that will not be allowed to enter the activity area in the facility. 

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