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Daily Activities


Although our calendar of activities is carefully planned for state licensing requirements, expect our activities to change daily. When working with individuals that may suffer from a disability we always plan to expect the unexpected. This is why World Wide Health Services activities are all customized to member-specific ability and allows us to start a new activity every hour that enables each member to be apart of an activity that promotes independence and self-achievement in a safe social and atmosphere that will enrich their lives physically, mentally, and socially. World Wide Health Services creates member-specific activities by utilizing these  three-step process approach

  1.  Therapeutic

  2. Cognitive: Motor, Sensory & Social Strength

  3. Strengths & Weakness

 Whether participating in active or passive activities, taking part in our offerings is a great way for members to be happier and healthier by leaving loneliness behind and participating in purposeful, meaningful, and engaging activities.


Senior Citizen Exercise Class


Based on intake information at the time of enrollment, World Wide Health Services Adult Day Care develops trial member-specific activities for the members transitioning into attending an adult daycare center. Our therapeutic approach is the first step in our member-specific activities and it may be combined with non-skilled, skilled staff, and contracted providers depending on the individual need.  


Motor, Sensory, & Social Strengths 

Musician Playing Chello


Our second approach in creating our member-specific activities is allowing the member to participate in activities that focus on an individual's cognitive abilities. This includes the following:


Current Cognitive State of Mind

Example: What day is it today?


Motor Skills

Example: Can an individual grab an instructed item? 


Sensory Skills

Example: Can an individual see, smell, touch, taste and or balance?

Social Strength

Example: How well an individual works with others to complete a task.?

Strength & Weakness


Senior Dance


World Wide Health Services Adult Day Care's third approach in creating member-specific activities is based on visual assessment of different  ADL (Activities of Daily Living) and IADL (Instrumental Activities of Daily Living).

These assessments are conducted every 3-6 months or as needed and enables us not only to create member-specific activities that promote self-independence but helps us work with, staff, families, caregivers, case managers, and providers on the care that best fits the member whos attending World  Wide Health Services Adult Day Care program.

Activities: Service
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