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New Prospective Member Questionnaire

World Wide Health Services Adult Day Center would like to thank you for choosing our center  for your adult day care needs. At this time we are requesting that all new caregivers, families, providers, social workers, prospective members and anyone in need of our services to fill out the New Prospective Member Questionnaire. This questionnaire is for new prospective members only and filling out this online questionnaire is not a guarantee into our program as everyone will be evaluated on a case by case basis to ensure that our program is the right fit for the prospective individual seeking services. After processing your online questionnaire, if it is determined that World Wide Health Services Adult Day Care will or will not be a good fit based on the answers provided, you will be notified via email, fax, phone, and or mail of the decision. If World Wide Health Services Adult Day Center determines that our services will be beneficial for the prospective member, you will be notified of the next process. New Prospective Member Questionnaire can be accessed below.


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