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Choosing The Right Adult Day Care Center

An adult day care center may provide health care, skilled nursing services, medication management, daily nutritional meals, and stimulating activities in a safe and secure setting. Adult daycare centers provide services to members ages 18 years older and to seniors that require 24-hour supervision. Adult Day Care Centers promote cognitive activities in an individual one on one session or in a group session to encourage social stimulation and peer support. Most importantly Adult Day Care Centers are the pillar of hope for most working-class families and caregivers that prefers an alternative to an institutionalized facility.

Finding the right adult day care can be tough, especially when there are so many options as our main goal is to establish the best care and services for our loved ones.


Listed below are some of the top things to look for that can be found at World Wide Health Services

World Wide Health Services Provides:

  1. Customized Care Plan Based on Daily IADL'S & ADL'S

  2. Cognitive Activities in a Safe and Pleasant Environment.

  3. Daily Covid-19 Precaution Procedures Following CDC Guidelines

  4. One on One Sessions & Small Group Sessions

  5. Daily Nutritional Meals Based on Diet Preference

  6. Covid-19 Same Day Result Rapid Test

  7. Medication Management & Assistance

  8. Daily Observation Progress Report That Is Made Available To Caregiver & or Provider

  9. Quarterly To As Needed Assessments For Customized Care

  10. Flexible Hours & Non-Medical Transportation Accommodation

Questions To Ask Yourself When Selecting An Adult Day Care

1) My Gut Feeling?

  • When I Call The Center How Do I Feel About The Staff That Answers?

  • Is The Staff Helpful?

  • Have All My Questions & Concerns Been Answered?

  • Did The Staff Take Time To Help Me Understand The Process?

  • How're The Reviews Of The Facility?

  • Is The Center Taking Any Covid-19 Precautions? If So What Precautions Are Taking Place?

  • How Does This Center Compare To Others That I Have Spoken To?

  • Does This Center Appear To Be Over Crowded, At What Capacity Are They Currently Providing Services?

  • Does The Facility Have A Daily Cleaning And Sanitation Routine?

  • Is Facility Safe?

2) Accommodations

What additional benefits or benefits does my loved one receive by being a member?

  • Are The Hours Flexible?

  • Do The Center Provide Transportation Accommodation?

  • If I Am Private Pay, Does The Center Charge Me In Advance Or Invoice Me For Dates Already Attended?

  • Does The Center Accept Insurance As A Payment Fee For Service Alternative?

  • If My Loved One Is Sick or An Unforeseen Emergency Occurs What Is The Cancellation Policy?

  • Does The Center Provide Both Short Term & Long Term Membership Services?

3) Nutrition

  • Are Meals Provided Based On Diet & or Religious Preference?

  • How Many Options Are On The Menu?

  • Is The Meal Preference Included In My Membership?

  • Does The Facility Provide Additional Snacks In Between?

  • Does The Facility Maintain Safety Food Precaution Measurements That Will Eliminate Contamination?

  • If Food Is Made On-Site; Is The Center Most Recent Health Care Food Inspection Report Available?

4) How Does The Center Keep Me Involved With My Loved One's Performance?

  • Does The Center Communicate With Me Regularly?

  • Does The Center Conduct Any Assessments?

  • If Assessments Are Conducted, How Are They Conducted With What Methods: Observation, Skill

  • Test, Computerized Test, Health Care Provider, or Appointed Facility Staff?

  • Does The Center Provide Me Secure Access to My Loved One's Records? Does The Center Provide Me Additional Tools & Resources That Can Be Utilized At Home?

At World Wide Health Services Adult Day Care Center, we pride ourselves in providing exceptional services at a higher standard. Everything listed above is what our team ensures each prospective member, caregiver, provider, in network insurance group and the general public in need of our services on what to expect without being discriminated and being treated fairly regardless of sex, nationality, origin, background and income. World Wide Health Services has a plan to fit most needs that is not out of our capacity of care. To get the process started with World Wide Health Services Adult Day Care click the green START button below.


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